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Licensed to represent buyers and sellers in all areas of real estate including residential, commercial, acreages, farms, and condominiums as well as leasing and rentals.  Living in the Calgary area since the early 1960’s and in the Springbank area since 1995 my knowledge of the area and the people is extensive.  Read more in my bio about my banking and construction background that has benefitted me and in turn my clients beyond description.  In addition the continued education in the real estate industry in every aspect such as becoming a Certified Condominium Specialist, etc. keeps me well informed and ready to assist you with my broad range of expertise.  My professional and life experience will be evident to you once we meet,  please view my testimonial pages to see what clients have had to say about working with me.  I take my profession seriously and it shows.  I am working with the industry to increase our professional standards and increase our reliability of information given to the public, example;  I am very vocal about C/S listings that appear as active listings on the MLS,  it is not fair to buyers,  if the sellers wish to continue to market their property that is fine but it should be disclosed to buyers immediately online as they are searching out properties to consider.  There is a long list of other issues I have and I believe in and will continue to work at to improve the image of all Realtors and ensure the reliability of the information the public receives.  It is my policy to ensure my listing are reported as C/S immediately so as not to mislead anyone,  even those that are not my clients.   Integrity, professionalism, honesty,  are not just slogans and words to me.  My clients buy into this philosophy too or quite simply they will not be my clients.  I have many personal policies that go above and beyond the code of conduct our industry has set.

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Certified Condominium Specialist

It seems not just the young 1st time buyers are in the market for a condominium but their parents are too, now that they are empty nesters.    With the large volume of condo sales I was involved with a few years back and the complexity of this segment of the market place it almost seemed mandatory to me that I get as much education in this field as possible.  The course proved to be very valuable to me professionally and it goes down in my mind as one of the best investments of my time, career wise at least.  Helping clients understand what they are buying into or selling is important.  The terms, the documents required,  what to make of the documents just scratches the surface.   There are some misconceptions about condos in general.  There are some fantastic places that are so well run but for the most part the public hears of the horror stories and the nightmares that came with them.  It is my job to ensure we avoid the bad ones,  together we go through the process with eyes wide open.  It is the same when I am represented sellers,  we must understand what is being sold,  not just the bricks and mortar but the paper work that comes with condo ownership.  When we understand what is being sold, we can price it fairly to get a good price in a reasonable time frame.   I have policies and processes that make things fall into place and help you achieve your goal.

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Housing Market Retains Momentum in April, 2017

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Calgary’s housing market continued to show signs of stability in April. With improvements in the labour market and a balanced detached sector, city-wide benchmark prices reached $439,600 in April, similar to the previous month, but 0.90 per cent below last year’s levels.

Principal Residence Exemption

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Due to Canada’s tax system’s Principal Residence Exemption, when we sell our homes, any increased value or “capital gains” are not taxed.

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