Andy is a Certified Condominium Specialist, as well as Acreage and Relocation Specialist.

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Real Estate Background

Licenced in Calgary

Mortgage Background

Having worked for CIBC until June 26, 1992 I acquired a very indepth knowledge of the mortgage industry. I was a Mortgage Manager responsible for approving mortgages for home buyers. My portfolio when I left the industry was huge and my understanding of the approval process was second to none. Today the computers spit out credit scores and often approvals are obtained over the computer by someone on the other side of the country or even the world. I still preach the 5 c’s of credit and they are still the fundamental bases of approvals. I can help you understand what you need to do to get what you want. I can also make sure you don’t get in over your head. Sometimes the banks will pre-approve you for more than you are comfortable with. I will never push people beyond their comfort levels even if the banks say it is OK. I have seen people endure financial hardship due to living beyond their means and also because circumstances changed but the monthly payments didn’t. I am comfortable with frank and practical discussions about your finances if you are. Also, unquestionable confidentiality is paramount for me with respect to all of your personal information not just your finances.

Contracting Experience

After leaving the banking industry I worked as a contractor until getting my real estate license in 2004. While in construction I employed people, I contracted work out, and I did a lot of the actual work myself. It has opened my eyes and I will open yours. While we walk through a house I will make notes about the pro’s and cons of the homes itself. This coupled with the pro’s and con’s list regarding the neighborhood, the location within the neighborhood, proximity to everything important to you, the marketability, and many other things will help us in determining if it is the right house for you and at what price.


It is my life’s work to be known as a person with integrity. For me this integrates with morals, values, actions and thoughts and considerably more than just that. In business, in the community, within my groups of friends and extended family as well as my marriage not to mention while interacting with complete strangers I intend to always conduct myself with the utmost of integrity. The examples of this are countless and since becoming aware of this VALUE or virtue my life has improved immensely in all aspects without exception.


To me this means staying alert and paying close attention to the details of homes I view. The vigilance does not end when walking out of the home either. If listing a home or working with a buyer I am told by clients I go above and beyond their expectations. Researching, constantly comparing and digging up info and sharing the relevant info with my clients.


Community involvement such as my previous experience as coaching community soccer, President of the Crossroads Community Association, President of the Springbank Curling Club, Board Member of The Springbank Park for All Seasons, Instructor with CADS or the Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers, Board Member of CADS as well. In addition I donate blood platelets to Canada Blood Services more frequently than on a monthly basis due to the demand for my platelet type, this product cannot be frozen like whole blood and is in high demand by cancer patients and others. I feel great about giving back to the community and to those less fortunate. My parents instilled this value in me and I am very delighted my 3 children (adult children 22,25,26) and Rhonda my wife of 28 years and best friend since June 01, 1980 also share this value.


As mentioned previously my sense of community is a part of who I am. With that in mind I have always provided feedback both positive and negative with respect to proposed developments in my community. My stance without exception is that if a development fits within the community planning that is in place to guide development then I provide my support, if it does not conform then I oppose it. I have the ability to recognise and form my opinion when exceptions should or shouldn’t be granted. Due to the fact Rocky View County has had some very bad Councillors some developments were approved that should not have been. I was very vocal in opposition to developments that did not fit within the plan and will be in the future. Developers tend to through around phrases like NIMBY (not in my backyard) to reference people like me that want a planned neighborhood. I have always said, I would not build a dog house without a plan, how can anyone build a nice community without a plan. Sure their little pieces look great but I am a big picture guy who trust the planning in place and am ready to commit to help by updating plans when necessary. I will never support willy nilly one off approvals of development that contradicts existing plans. Shame on the people involved in finding loop holes and manipulating the weak minded to circumvent community planning. I am open minded and always approachable to discuss responsible change.

Active Lifestyle

I am 50 years old and feel like I am 30 most days. I feel very fortunate to enjoy good health and the ability to enjoy good things. Due to my involvement with CADS (Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers) I have met some amazing people who have not let anything stop them from enjoying their lives. I am inspired by these individuals to not let things get in my way. If it is cold, I dress warmer, if it is wet I get wet, if I am can’t afford it, I find a way or find something else to do. A friend says “ if you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much room”. Well that may not be completely true all of the time but it does apply sometimes for sure. I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, mountain climbing, canoeing and am a member at the Pinebrook Golf and Country Club constantly working to lower my handicap. I hope you contact me so we can enjoy one of these activities together.

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