Certified Condominium Specialist

C.C.S. which is a designation attained by taking extensive courses through the Calgary Real Estate Board. It stands for Certified Condominium Specialist and it has proven to be one of the most valuable courses I have ever taken. With the increase in the volume of condos I am involved with, I felt it was necessary to become an expert, and I really am an expert now. While many can’t answer a simple question; what is a condo? I can not only answer it, I can explain it to you as well as help you make sense of all the papers you will be reviewing and help determine if it’s good, bad or requires more information to determine that. Having an in depth knowledge the property allows me to negotiate better for you. It is always best to have the upper hand, knowledge is power.

Acreage Specialist

Personally I have lived on an acreage since 1995 in Springbank just west of Calgary. Both living and raising a family in the country has been a very rewarding experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. The memories are amazing and the lifestyle priceless. -Pulled permits, built roads, built 2 homes, installed septic tanks and fields, tied into water co-op, done extensive additions and renos including in areas considered flood plains. I have subdivided to create smaller lots. -Acted for both sellers and buyers and with the above mentioned knowledge I have the ability to negotiate on your behalf with confidence. While home shopping with you for an acreage I will identify why it is an excellent property or identify potential issues giving you the choice to move on to another property or pursue it with the advance knowledge of the issues. Finding out about things prior to a home inspection is often advantageous while negotiating the sale price. Also if considering listing an acreage property I can advise you what buyers will be looking at and what sort of things can be done to mitigate potential concerns in advance of listing to ensure optimum value is achieved. This will also increase the chances of a completed purchase rather than have home inspections hinder a sale or lead to further negotiating the price after the initial negotiations.

Relocation Specialist

Having lived in Calgary and area since the early 1960’s I know the city well. At first I am part Realtor and part tour guide pointing out historic and new features of Calgary. When clients are new to the City they tell me what is important to them and together we drill down and find a specific area that suit them and then we find the house they will soon call home. Having worked extensively in this area I know the importance of committing to a client on their time and making sure my schedule fits within their time allowances for the task of finding a home. Often a person new to Calgary has misguided information from their colleagues or friends with good intentions and knowing this I make sure facts and complete information is provided.

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